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Love Will Find A Way by Parul Tyagi

Name of the Book : Love Will Find A Way
Author: Parul Tyagi
Publisher: Indireads
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #162,007 in Kindle 
No. of Pages: 98 pgs.

Disclaimer: I got this book from the Publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.


A few words on a piece of paper are about to shatter Meeta’s happy little life. Her husband Prabhat has found a clue that could propel him straight into the arms of the woman he has loved since childhood, Nitya.

Torn between his memories of an eternal passion with Nitya, and the haven of Meeta’s steady devotion, Prabhat is confused and uncertain. Should he sacrifice his life, and Meeta’s, for the possibility of an old love, or should he walk away, and wonder, forever, what if…?


A story full of love, pain and pathos. This novel reminded me of the pathos we would see in the eyes of Guru Dutt, Waheeda Rahman or Meena Kumari. The pain and the love of the all the three characters is palpable. The story crisscrosses between the characters' past and present. Prabhat leaves India and his childhood love after learning that she was planning, along with her mother, to marry someone else. Disillusioned in love, he becomes Paddy in London, running his own convenience store.
At his mother's insistence, he marries Meeta and they lead a complacent life till a chance news of death lands him on the same crossroad he had left behind in India. He learns that Nitya had not married after all and he starts feeling the burden of his accusations.
Meeta, who had always lived under the shadow of the other woman, takes the matter in her own hands and forces Prabhat to go in search for Nitya. She also accompanies him fulfilling the role of a wife, friend and confidante. Her strength and will power encourage Prabhat to search for Nitya but sadly she is not to be found. ( I do wonder at them point, what would have happened if she was found :P)
But Nitya could not be found so easily. It was as if she knew that Prabhat would come in search of her. She had left behind, in her wake, a series of mysterious poems with clues in it. The trail is very interesting and like a new flower blossoming unfurls at every level a new twist to the story.
.....Which my Dahlings, made me want to tear a few of my remaining hairs. It was so frustrating. Like a man running at a sight of an oasis. Beautifully penned by the author, frustrating for the reader. Be ready with this one... You have to finish the 95 pages in one go.
So many questions arise? Where is Nitya? Will Prabhat find her? What will happen to Meeta?
Parul Tyagi, How much tension can we handle?
This book should come with a disclaimer:
This book comes with a box of ....... (Any one who fills this box, will get exactly that from me :D)(Of course only one entry .:P)


This novella was such a quick read. A complete emotional roller coaster ride! Loved Meeta's character the most. The five stars you see above, that is totally for the emotional tug the author could create with her words. But that does mean I agree with her. In this day and age, can I? Will I be able to do what Meeta did? I think I would rather land up in Tihar jail than agree with what she wanted Prabhat to do. I am not so big hearted. But if I ignore this small point, I still could not help feeling the muted paid of Meeta. That is exactly what I loved about this story. Three different types of pain described at different levels. 
Prabhat's guilt and anticipation, Meeta muted fear, yet her brave face, which is the 'move on' factor of this novella and above all the clear, precise pain of Nitya. Uff! Read it to believe it.

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Release Day Blitz: Deep in Death by Colleen Helme

Deep In Death 
(A Shelby Nichols Adventure #6)
By Colleen Helme

Running “errands” for her mob-boss employer, Joey “The Knife” Manetto, often ends with Shelby in trouble, making her cautious about continuing her association with him. Instead, she focuses on a new client who hires Shelby to find her missing mother. What seems like a routine case turns into something more sinister and deadly than she ever imagined. In the meantime, Uncle Joey has summoned Shelby to his office, where she runs into her former nemesis. Shelby inadvertently hears something that makes her fear for the lives of Uncle Joey and his hit-man, Ramos. This time, Uncle Joey is not sure he wants to involve Shelby in something he knows could get her killed. Keeping Shelby’s involvement to a minimum has disastrous results, sending Shelby on a dangerous path. As her investigation unfolds, Shelby finds death at every turn, and soon realizes she is in over her head. Can she escape from danger in time? Or will she find herself deep in death?

Available for purchase at 



“I’m investigating a missing person’s report.” I pulled out
my file and opened it up. 

“Her name’s Darcy Shaw, and she went missing about
six years ago. Do you think I could look at your files and see if there’s
anything I could use?”

Dimples frowned. “From that long ago, it’s probably
downstairs in the dead files room. Come on, I’ll show you where they are.”


I followed him to the hall and down two flights of stairs to
the basement. He opened the door to a room and flipped on the light.
Wall-to-wall filing cabinets filled the room, and a stale, musty odor permeated
the air. From the smell, I’d guess no one had come down here in a long time,
kind of how I imagined it would smell visiting a mausoleum. It seemed colder
than normal too, and I realized that all of the files belonged to real people
who had disappeared and were probably dead, and no one knew why or how.

“Go ahead and take a look,” Dimples said. “They’re filed

“Umyeah, okay.” I hesitated, not wanting to venture further
into the room. It was so cold and dank that it kind of gave me the creeps. But
I only needed one file. 

That wouldn't take long.

“When you’re done, come on back up and I’ll fill you in on a
case I could use your help with.” Dimples was thinking he was anxious to leave
me to it, not because he had a lot to do upstairs, but because the room had
kind of a weird vibe that he didn't like.

“You’re leaving me here alone?” I blurted.

“What? You’re not scared are you?” He scoffed. “It’s just a
room with files in it. 

There aren't even any guns or crazy killers down here.”

Oh fine,” I said, still hesitating in the doorway and
wishing I hadn't heard that part about the weird vibe.

“You want me to stay?” He folded his arms and raised his
brow in challenge.

“Of course not,” I said. “Like you said, I’ll be fine.”

“Good. Heyif one of those files attacks youI’m right
up-stairs if you need me.”

“Ha, ha.”

He chuckled and left. I shook my head and hurried over to
the cabinets. As I found the cabinet with “S through T” on it, the door clicked
shut behind Dimples, sealing me in. It was deathly quiet. The only sounds in
the room came from me. My breathing and the shift of my feet echoed from the
walls, magnifying each tiny breath and movement I made.

An unexplained sense of urgency rolled over me. I was alone
in an enclosed space that seemed to get smaller the longer I stood there. A sudden
stab of dread tightened my stomach, and my hands shook a little. It was mostly
thoughts of the lights going out and leaving me in total darkness that did it.
If Bates knew I was here, I wouldn't put it past him to do that to me, and I
wanted out of this creepy place as fast as I could.

With renewed effort, I scanned the labels until I came to
the right drawer and yanked it open. I quickly leafed through the folders and
caught my breath to actually find the file. I swallowed with relief and pulled
the bulky file out. Pursing my lips together, I set it on top of the other
folders and opened it up checking to make sure it was the right one.

A larger version of the same picture I’d received from
Tiffany stared back at me. Her eyes held a haunting mixture of sadness and
foreboding, and goose bumps broke out along my arms. A sudden chill ran up my
spine and my heart picked up speed. All at once, it felt like I wasn’t alone,
and someone was standing right there beside me. I froze. I didn’t believe in
ghosts, but I didn’t dare look either.

My mouth went dry and I hardly dared to take a breath.
Glancing back down at the picture, I felt something cold and feather-like brush
against my cheek. I inhaled sharply. It came a second time and I jerked my face
away, hunching my shoulders to my neck with fear. “II’ll try and find out what
happened to you,” I croaked. The chill intensified, then suddenly fell away in
a cool breeze, leaving the scent of flowers behind, which I recognized as the
distinct smell of gardenias.

With my heart racing, I grabbed the file and slammed the
drawer shut, then raced out of the room as fast as I could. In my haste, I left
the light on, but I was too scared to go back and turn it off. The smell of
gardenias stayed with me all the way up the stairs, but disappeared as I
entered the office. With my chest heaving, I hurried over to Dimples’ desk and
sat down, rubbing my cold arms.

About the Author

 A long career as a wife and mother while juggling several part-time jobs gave Colleen the ambition to dream of being a published author, where she could put her imagination to good use. Now instead of making up stories to tell her children, she writes books they love to read. Hopefully you will too. She is the author of three romantic fantasy novels, Songbird, Flame of Destiny and The Relic. Her Shelby Nichols Adventures include Carrots, Fast Money, Lie or Die, Secrets That Kill, and Trapped By Revenge coming soon!

You can find Colleen here:


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The PM's Wishlist by J K Sachin

Name of the Book : The PM's Wishlist
Author: JK Sachin
Publisher: Self Published but good editing 
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #36,465 Paid in Kindle Store
No. of Pages: 186 pgs.

Disclaimer: I got this book from the Author in exchange for my honest opinion.


This is a fictional story of how Sharan Karan, a newly elected Prime Minister of India chooses to introduce his ‘wishlist’ to the nation. Is his arrival destined and is he the much awaited man-of-destiny that India needs? The book makes an attempt to understand the psyche and aspirations of the people of India and perhaps verbalizes once again the great Indian dream – of taking India back to the pinnacle of prosperity and to its days of golden prosperity. Sharan Karan charms his followers by his words and actions and makes it possible to believe that the road to becoming a superpower is not a mirage. The key to unlock India’s potential can be made even if the original key has been misplaced. This book dwells on the hard reality that India faces and conveys with a set of brave solutions and seemingly utopian, but extremely practical solutions, that India can accelerate its march towards prosperity speedily .The people of India are running out of patience and practices of yesterday are going to be inadequate to secure desired outcomes of the future.

This book covers sound economic and political fundamentals and imperatives in a racy, fictional format and it is difficult to disbelieve, after reading the book, that India can be an economic superpower soon. The journey was not supposed to be easy but powerful elements within the country are plotting so that Sharan Karan loses his job or his life and in no particular order. Does Sharan Karan succeed in selling his ‘ wishlist’ to the nation? Find out for yourself in this amazingly simple book that simplifies and demystifies complex economics and International politics. JK Sachin is a clever story teller who can place suggestions, concepts, stories and narratives on nation building, economics and politics in a racy, fictional format.

This book is surely a must-read for anyone who is remotely interested in the Indian political scene, whether as a participant or as an observer. The book makes an attempt to understand the compulsions of governments and lawmakers and the efforts that have to go in for actions to be visible to the people.

The book stays away from taking sides or endorsing a political ideology or parties and that makes the book unique and impartial. Working towards uplifting the country and working on Sharan Karan’s `wishlist’ is possible irrespective of your political affiliations because the Indian dream belongs to all Indians. The book has a lesson for politicians, rulers, administrators of any country for that matter because sound economics and populism can be friends, well; this is what Sharan Karan believes.

It is extremely likely that the book will be read by current and future Prime Ministers of India and it would be a good idea to read this book before they do.



JK Sachin has created a fictional world where he envisages,India to be an economic superpower. He has created a Wishlist of what he thinks a PM of a country should. He goes to the extent of calling it a Political fantasy. I, on the other hand, would call it the call of idealism. There is nothing wrong in what JK Sachin has wished for our PMs. The writer has created a Utopian socialism where positive ideals make the society to move in a particular direction.

He acknowledges the fact that our PM's job is a tough one where his decision is not the only decision. It is a team work and thus he should look up to a team of advisors, chosen by the nation, for advice on various agendas. One question that struck me at this point of time. With the beautiful and clean career graphs our political leaders are having - can this even be a possibility. I would love to think it is. Yet the cynic in me cannot even comprehend such a day.

One thing about this book is that the PM is not described with any physical feature. It can be anyone who ascends the 'post'. The generalization of the PM intrigues me.  The Author had deliberately not mentioned any mannerism associated with the figurehead. The man is named Sharan Karan and he represents all the past and future PMs of India. His party has a manifesto which is full of things that could be done to make India a superpower. Here there is one line which I found contradictory to what the author is talking about. If a member of a political party does something for which the party is answerable- then Sharan will first 'go on record to saying that the colleague must have had good reasons or he has perhaps misinterpreted, but if that particular embarrassing deed had been done, it was certainly not what Sharan of the party stood for.'

Going by the above statement - this is exactly what is happening in today's Indian politics. A political leader can rape, murder, gather all the wealth he wants in his swiss account - the party will deny and support till they can and later deny that they even knew about it. The media will get their story and the public? They get a topic to discuss on their tea sittings. So what is new about this?

That is only once incident, I have mentioned. Since J K Sachin claims that he has created a fictional world of politics, I found here and there reality creeping in. Moreover, since we are dealing with humans here, where one man's dream can be another man's poison - to have concrete idealism is exactly that - Idealism. 

No Rating

I cannot rate this book. This is a man's viewpoint. He has every right to it as I have to mine. There is nothing wrong with the language. Well edited and presented. Many of our political readers will love a good debate over this one. So please go for it. As for me... I am still in search for the meaning of the word 'Idealism' which changes with every turn of a situation in every human being. Our poor political leaders are just that - humans... even if they have forgotten this fact. Maybe they should be given a copy of this book with a disclaimer: Just to remind you what you stood for. 

Looking forward for your next one J K Sachin.  

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The Return of The Rebel by Jennifer Faye

Name of the Book : Return of the Rebel

Author: Jennifer Faye
Publisher: Harlequin Romance (July 1, 2014)
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,542 Paid in Kindle Store
No. of Pages: 256 pgs.

Disclaimer: I got this book from the Author in exchange for my honest opinion.


The guy from the wrong side of the tracks…

Being promoted should be a dream come true, it only means working closely with Cleo's childhood crush, Jax Monroe. Jax may no longer be the rebel she remembers, but he still gets her heart racing like no other.

Jax cares too much about Cleo to let her get too close—but keeping his distance is proving impossible! As Jax reveals the extent of what he's been through, will Cleo show him that some things are too precious to put off until tomorrow?



Cleo Sinclair represents all women who are trying to live their lives in their own terms. She grew up in a farm and her whole family was involved in that. But she knew she wanted more. She wanted to see the world and make a mark for herself. With her childhood sweetheart already gone in pursuit of his dreams, she had nothing to stay in the small town for. But her action caused a family tragedy and even if she was not to be blamed for it, she bore the shame of being 'the accused.'

Cutting off from her family, she started working at one of Las Vegas's most luxurious establishments. She knew her family would not approve of her work and she never told them. But fate had other plans for her. She came face to face with Jax Monroe - her childhood sweetheart. Much to her surprise, he insisted on using an alias. Fearing the worst, she soon found out that his life was in danger. In more ways than one.

Jax on the other hand, tried his best to keep away from the girl whom he knew from back home. Things had changed for him ever since. It was not that he was not attracted to her, but he knew his life could be cut short anytime.

But when love is meant to be, nothing can stop the Fates from working  towards the goal of bringing  the lovers together.  But could the Fates work against Death ?


Both Cleo and Jax are very well defined character. Cleo is strong, determined and possesses just the right amount of vulnerability. Where as Jax is strong, protective and inspite of being the alpha hero of Mills and boon- has his own fears and drawbacks. This makes the characters very relatable

I love the way both of them support each other. A perfect ingredient for a successful couple. Here I have a favorite scene. The way Jax tries to patch up between Cleo and her family, especially her mom. His sensitivity and his humane nature are laudable.

After a long time I have come across a hero had more than just brawn to offer. His 'problems' has been handled very without making the reader feel sorry for him. Thsi story reminded me of one of my first Mills and Boon - Blind Man's Buff by Victoria Gordan.

Waiting for your next one Jennifer Faye !

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Scarlet Revenge by Ann McGinnis- The Book Club Blog Tour

Scarlet Revenge by Ann McGinnis

The Blurb

The FBI doesn't know what to do with Analyst Caycee Scarlet. She's brash, brilliant & brutally relentless when tracking a serial killer. But she also has a temper, problems with authority figures and recognizing the chain of command. Things go sideways for Caycee when she uncovers a lead that saves the Omega Killer's latest victim. Rather than working the system and making nice with her pompous boss, sparks fly and she gets into an altercation with the lead Special Agent on the case, resulting in a transfer to another assignment. Caycee finds herself transferred to an FBI interrogation facility where she assesses the most dangerous of criminals in custody. She struggles to get over the loss of her dream job, but her new boss, handsome Special Agent Gil Graham, may soften the blow. Sparks, of a different variety, fly between the Special Agent and his new Analyst, as they work together to crack the most difficult cases. Just when Caycee's wounds are healing from her expulsion on the Omega Killer team, she is dragged back into the thick of it. Caycee and her new team are front and center, focused on an interview of a bombing suspect, when Omega comes looking for revenge. His attack wounds her team, leaving Caycee with only one option for help-the devastatingly handsome bombing suspect. It will take all of Caycee's wits, and a kiss for luck, to stop Omega and save her co-workers.

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Caysee Scarlet has finally landed where she always wanted to reach. In the FBI - recruited as the newest member of the Omega Killer Task Force. What she had not anticipated was the hostility she received from her co-workers upon her arrival. The Omega Killings had taken a toll on the team and the pressure was mounting. Upon her arrival, she finds a vital clue that saves the girl who was marked to be next in the killing. This resulted in two things. Firstly, her egoistic boss could not share the limelight with her and she had to leave the case. Secondly, since she had broken the pattern of the serial killer- she was now the next target. 
The timely intervention of her Special Agent Gil lets her continue in the FBI, but on a different case. Romance finds a way in her life as she gives in to the attraction she shares with Gil. They have a strong chemistry between them and soon she realizes that she is falling in love with her boss. But here enters the sexy bomber….. 

Caught in action between four men- ex-boss who hates her, a handsome agent who is falling in love with her, a serial killer who has marked her as his next target and the sexy bomber who is definitely  bad news for her, Scarlet knows her hands are full of mystery, passion and intrigue. 

Ann McGinnis has created a very interesting plot involving mysterious men and a determined woman who challenges their action with equal grit. Scarlet comes out as a strong woman, but faithful or not - that you as a reader have to decide. All I can say at this point of time is that she keeps the readers guessing about her love life. 

The editing and proofreading is perfect and the story has many a-ha moments. It is gripping and makes you want to turn the pages. Regarding the characters - very well etched.  Even  Bomber whose role in Scarlet’s life is fleeting, but the impact is very strong. By fleeting I don’t mean it as a side character, but he does not have much action to influence Scarlet, but he uses only words to keep Scarlet coming back to him. Such powerful and emotional words that it even raise my curiosity as to what actually he was up to. Gill comes across as a man of patience and he really needed that with Scarlet in some points. It was like -‘come on girlie, you are having this good- why do you want to spoil it’ moments for me. But Scarlet is such a strong character, nothing less can be expected of her. 



As I have already mentioned the editing and proofreading was perfect.  The only weak point I found in this story is the love life of Scarlet which was neither turbulent nor was her attraction to Bomber justified. Love needs no justification - I get that, but between Gill and Bomber her character of being a strong lady was a bit dented. But then, foolishness is the flip side of love often. :) Ann has portrayed all these emotions wonderfully.

Watch it

Meet the Author

Ann McGinnis writes about characters that let their egos and sense of justice rule their lives, while they protect the public from serial killers and unthinkable crimes. Of course, Ann's characters always find a way to blow off steam -- romantically!
As a writer, Ann comes from the world of action/thrillers and screenwriting. She has two scripts currently in development. A third script, about a spunky FBI analyst, is the basis of "Scarlet Revenge" and the main character Caycee Scarlet. It is the first book in a series, with Book 2 “Scarlet Envy” coming out in September 2014.

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The Evolution of Gods: The Scientific Origin of Divinity and Religionsby Dr. Ajay Kansal

Book Details:
Print Length: 214 Pages
Publication Date: August 2012
Language: English
Genre: Non-Fiction, Religion and Spirituality, Comparative Religion,

Did gods create humanity or did humans create gods?
Did gods create mankind, or did mankind create gods? Why, when and how did mankind begin to worship gods? 

Religious scriptures the world over claim that one or the other god made all plants and animals, but science has not yet identified any supernatural power that created and overned living beings.  Was it man who came up with the idea of gods to help him cope with his own fears? Could it be that ancient people attributed natural phenomena-unfathomable and frightening to them-to the working of invisible gods?  What kind of sufferings or fears made people bow before unseen powers or gods as we call them? When were these gods
createdWho invented morals and methods of worshipWho wrote the ancient scriptures such as the Bible and the Vedas? Most crucially, have gods and the scriptures shaped our responses to the world around us? 

The Evolution of Gods seeks to answer these questions, and explains scientifically how, when and why religions and gods came into being.Ajay Kansal marshals anthropological and historical facts about the development of religions in a simple and straight forward manner to assert that it was mankind that created gods, and not the other way around.

Buying Links:
Amazon.com: Paperback | Kindle
Amazon.in: Paperback | Kindle
Flipkart.com: Paperback | EBook


How many of us have questioned why 'God' came into being? How many of us have dared to ask this question? I have. Have been hushed all the time. So when I came across this book, it brought forward all the so called rebellious thoughts of mine. I, as a 'Man', have evolved. According to the Darwin’s Theory of Evolution- from the apes. But what about our Maker? Who thought of him or about him? What is the story behind the Evolution of God?
Ajay Kansal has very beautifully portrayed how the concept of religion and the fear of religion came into being. Whether I agree with him or not doesn't matter or is of no consequence. I, as a reviewer, am only presenting how he wrote the book and his thoughts. I necc. don't have to agree with him. 

Few of his concepts that caught my eye: 

1) How did priests come into being?
2) Why we started burying out dead or burning them?
3) Concept why hymns came into being or rather why priests chanted them? 
4) Why different religions sacrificed animals?

His language is impeccable and his thoughts are clear. But as a reader, I found it more of a history lesson than a belief. My problem is only one thing – the same one I had from my childhood. A why? How did Mr. Ajay Kansal come to this conclusion? How can he back his thoughts up scientifically? Yes, he has traced the roots back to history. Why man feared and worshiped fire…. But who created the fire? He has answered questions like why man feared the flood and worshiped Jal Dev .. my question would be who created the water. It is like old wine in a new bottle. My moral science teacher told me the same thing. 

But if I go alone with his thoughts, I found them well researched and well written. His voice has a commanding tone, makes a reader want to sit up, to understand the concept. A great writing trait indeed.

As I have already mentioned the questions which he attempt to answer, the answers to the question I am searching – is still a question to me. I hope Mr. Ajay Kansal can answer me those one day. But he is one powerful writer whom I will surely look out for when his next book is published.

About the Author:

Follow The Author:

Ajay Kansal is a professor and consultant pathologist. It was during his medical practice that he encountered human suffering in a big way that made him question the concept of Gods and drove him to write this book.
The Evolution of Gods is his first book and the only book written by an Indian author on the concept of the existence of God which talks of all religions and is not based on any one particular form of it. His next work is a romance which is currently in progress.

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